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Asgate Lab, called the global memory industry in the domain of God, it is Jiahe Jinwei Group and Sweden Asgard Labs jointly established high-end product development laboratory. Focused on cutting-edge storage technology research and development, hoping to provide computer gamers surprise performance and international quality of storage products, while Asgate also for many of the world's leading brands tailored to the idea of storage solutions. Therefore, the Asgate laboratory not only produces high-performance international quality products, but also has a global quality standards of international standards.



The products produced by Asgate Labs are developed in Taiwan with state-of-the-art technology manufacturing industry, industrial design in deep Swedish scientific capital Stockholm, and finally in Shenzhen, the world's electronics manufacturing industry. So whether it is from the product within the choice of electronic spare parts, or the appearance of the product design, or the pursuit of zero error rate of manufacturing, and all reflect the Ascot laboratory pursuit of quality, the pursuit of performance, the pursuit of innovative ideas. The presence of the Asgate lab is like the diamond in the heart of the semiconductor industry and the global memory manufacturer!

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